Psychology Drives



The Psychmentation™ methodology cuts through disclosure barriers to get at the real perceptions and beliefs that drive people’s decisions. It has been tested and validated over 25 years and more than 200 global projects for some of the world’s most successful companies. Psychmentation RA™ (Remote Access) uses the latest developments in video technology for a quicker and more economical solution. Answer your most challenging business questions. Get closer to your customers. Find competitive advantage. Improve performance while reducing costs.


StratBild™ leverages group dynamics to ensure “Doing the right things” as well as “Doing things right”. Vision and Values become the “anchors” that inform and validate operational parameters such as SWOT and Key Issue development. Strategic Planning becomes quick, inclusive, dynamic, and above all, actionable. Stop coming back year after year with the same issues. Get real results…fast!


Thelisis™ uses the latest in evidence-based Psychology to help leverage the human element in achieving organizational success. Build the “Want to” workplace, where everyone’s passion, drive, and enthusiasm are aligned with creating value for all stakeholders. From company culture and competency models to training on Psychological Selling, Advanced Interviewing, and Conflict Resolution, our team helps you create an awesome company culture.