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Psychmentation™ is a powerful business intelligence tool that cuts through disclosure barriers to get at the real perceptions and beliefs that determine how people make decisions. Psychmentation has been tested and validated over 20 years and more than 100 projects on five continents, and for some of the world’s most successful companies. Today, Psychmentation is considered the premiere business intelligence tool for answering the most challenging questions facing companies in highly competitive markets.

Strategic Planning

StratBild™ is a proprietary strategic model that spans the entire process from planning to implementation. Strategic Planning is a core Leadership activity that is differentiated from other forms of planning by its emphasis on both, “Doing the right things” as well as “Doing things right”. It is distinguished by the fact that it is planning in relation to internal and external influences, e.g., shareholder Vision, the organization’s Mission and Values, the customer context, as well as the regulatory and competitive environments.

Organizational Development

Thelisis™ is a suite of proprietary services designed to build and harness employee engagement to the company’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan. We help our clients create the “Want to” workplace, where everyone’s passion, drive, and enthusiasm are aligned with creating value for all stakeholders. From company culture to competency models, our team utilizes leading-edge knowledge, skills and tools to help leverage the human element in achieving organizational success.

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Our expertise is founded on more than 40 years of industry experience leaving us with a huge array of strategic connections which enable us to get to the solutions most consultants miss.

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