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The 'Want to' workplace

There are organizations where people are so engaged and motivated, they actually want to come to work, rather than go to work because they have to.


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The ability to bring entrepreneurial passion, drive, creativity and engagement into the corporate workplace is the Holy Grail that has eluded business leaders for two generations. Ten years of research by MCG has culminated in the most advanced and effective method for bringing these powerful performance values into any organization. Learn how to model and perpetuate the key elements of intrapreneurship throughout your company for unprecedented performance.

Executive coaching

Senior executives have a big challenge: No one wants to hear their problems and few receive any guidance from superiors in their organizations. Our coach-in-the-corner mentorship program assigns a world-class business expert to work one-on-one with senior executives who need to test ideas, discuss strategies, and resolve leadership challenges in a completely confidential context.

Sales force optimization

Selling is both Art and Science. Most large organizations invest heavily in sales training; yet find the results less than stellar. MCG provides unique leading-edge sales training based on principles of Psychological Selling. In this customized program, sales representatives learn to understand the cognitive dynamics that underlie how people make buying decisions and to leverage effective communications aligned with those cognitive processes. Combined with MCG’s unique field training approach where experts work on the road to apply and develop the skills learned, sales training alumni are able to reach far beyond their current performance.


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Building the 'Want to' workplace