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The Psychmentation Process

Psychmentation is based on Grounded Theory, the most powerful methodology for building human relational models from the “ground up”. Using personal one-on-one interviews in a highly confidential setting, Psychmentation uses an emergent process that allows participants to go where they feel is important, rather than sticking to an interview script that will only produce what you already knew. Advanced analytics is then used to code and measure the results and to build meaningful theories about the underlying phenomena. Not only do we capture the metrics, we access the “spaces between the metrics” where human beings really make decisions.

Our Clients

Psychmentation has been used by some of the world’s most successful organizations, including global leaders in healthcare and transportation, governments, not-for-profits, and service providers. Clients include Pfizer, GSK, Merck, Bombardier, Health Canada, Medtronic, and dozens of others ranging from start-ups to world leaders in their fields.


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