“We thought we knew how to do market research, but Psychmentation fundamentally changed the way we view the nature of customer information.”

President, global hospital products leader

“Our experience with Psychmentation has been very enlightening! We have collaborated with Medius International for both external and internal interviews; these insights have had a significant impact on our understanding of our customers, our employees and ultimately our business. This form of research is an essential component of strategic market analysis”

Product Director, global specialty pharmaceutical company

“We have developed a true partnership with the team; thanks to their understanding of our customers and our employees, we consult with them on a regular basis on a variety of topics. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Medius!”

National Sales Manager, multinational healthcare company

“We were astonished how strangers not from our industry could uncover critical information and insights about our business that our own people didn’t know”

President, global rail company

“We believed there was little new to learn about our customers since we invested so heavily in market research and had such close working relationships with them. Psychmentation blew us away with how little we actually knew and how being “close” to the customer often actually works against you in terms of what they’re willing to tell you personally”

V.P. Business Development, world-leading telecom equipment maker

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