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Psychmentation RA™ (Remote Access)

After five years of validation studies, Psychmentation RA was launched in early 2018. Using the latest in video technologies, interviews are conducted remotely and at the convenience of participants, regardless of location or time-of-day. This flexibility allows a more rapid completion and delivery of results. Studies show that for all but the most challenging projects, Psychmentation RA delivers 95% of the depth and accuracy of Psychmentation. As an added bonus, Psychmentation RA studies can be conducted at a substantial savings on time, travel, and displacement costs.

Psychmentation™ Selling

Selling is both Art and Science. Medius provides unique leading-edge sales training based on the latest evidence-based Psychology. In this customized program, sales representatives learn to understand and align themselves with the cognitive dynamics that underlie how people make buying decisions. Topics include: Ego and Identity, Personality models, Stages-of-Change, Authenticity, Motivational Interviewing, Resistance, Narratives, End-to-end selling, and the power of high Ethical standards. Combined with Medius’ unique field training approach where experts work on the road to apply and develop the skills learned, sales training alumni are able to reach far beyond their current performance.

Our Clients

Psychmentation has been used by some of the world’s most successful organizations, including global leaders in healthcare and transportation, governments, not-for-profits, and service providers. Clients include Pfizer, GSK, Merck, Bombardier, Health Canada, Medtronic, and dozens of others ranging from start-ups to world leaders in their fields.


Access Deeper Insights

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